NOAH Project

Transportable Onsite Water Processing Units

What is NOAH?

NOAH is a transportable state-of-the-art waste water processing system.
The acronym comes from:

  • Nano-sonication
  • Oxidation
  • Aeration
  • Hays Filtration System.

NOAH cleans water through a continuous three stage process:

  1. Sonication Treatment
  2. High-Velocity Air Injection
  3. Multi-Stage Cascade Portalock Hays Filtration System.

These processes will be described in greater detail later.

There are two variations of the water-processing system:

NOAH Alpha, portable water-treatment system

  • NOAH Alpha: A portable system, housed in a 24 foot trailer, contains a micro laboratory with remote satellite uplinks. This enables water to be analyzed onsite with continuous monitoring and collection of data. The information can be uplinked to the central lab for further analysis. Capable of processing up to 26,000 gallons of water a day, it comes complete with a portable generator and is available for deployment in any area with road or helicopter access.

    These units are designed to give onsite proof of the efficacy of the NOAH system before the more robust Delta units are installed; however, they are only effective for short term water remediation needs or for use in emergency situations where rapid deployment of a water-treatment system is required.

  • NOAH Delta, Fracking-Water Remediation SystemNOAH Delta: The industrial-sized system is housed within three 40 foot shipping containers. This system is capable of cleaning up to 420,000 gallons (10,000 barrels) of water a day and can be deployed anywhere a flatbed trailer can access.

    The units come with a satellite uplink technology which will monitor all systems operations, including water quality and throughput.

The NOAH systems provide elegant solutions to major environmental problems through focused, controlled environmental services using clean, green portable, low energy technology.

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