High Impact Oxygen System (HIOS)

Stream demonstrating the HIOS principle of waterWater flowing through a fast running stream is filled with bubbles. The water in mountain streams is constantly colliding with rocks and stumps, swirling eddies force the water down, and sudden drops cause the water to splash up. It is clearly evident from the bubbles that the water is being highly oxygenated through this process; however, there are other unseen forces at work as well.

The collisions the water molecules are subjected to change the “orbital modes” of the water. This can cause the water to release other molecules that may have bonded to them. Because water in its pure state is lighter than most of the contaminant in it, the water tends to rise to the top of the stream while the heavier contaminates drop to the bottom.

The NOAH system tries to emulate and intensify this natural process. We do this by using a High Impact Oxygen System (HIOS). High velocity air injection using jets in a cyclonic mixing chamber provides the following results:

  • The oxygen activates the naturally occurring catalase bacteria, which begins an aerobic reaction. The bacteria start breaking down any organic solids in the water.
  • The water starts to stratify which means:
    • The lighter volatile organic chemicals (VOC) rise to the top of the chamber. The gases released are eliminated through venting and the aerobic bacteria begin to consume the remaining VOCs.
    • The heavy ions fall to the bottom for recovery.
    • The purest water tends to accumulate in the centre of the chamber. This clean water is then passed to the next stage for non-organic filtration.
HIOS Water Remediation System
The High Impact of Injected Air produces and Aerobic Reaction

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