Nano-Sonication (sonochemical) Treatment

Water Fall adding oxygen to waterThe water at the bottom of a waterfall is fundamentally different than the water at the top. You can tell something has happened to the water by looking at what is growing, or more precisely what is not growing in the water.

If the creek originates in a lake or passes through a marshy area before the falls, you will notice that the water is filled with an abundance of plant life: lily pads, reeds, cat tails, algae, skunk cabbage, etc. The water at the bottom of the waterfall however, contains no plant life at all because there is no need, the water is already full of oxygen and won’t support aquatic plants. It doesn’t mean the water is unhealthy though — quite the contrary. The lush vegetation that grows around a mountain stream gives eloquent testimony to the life-giving vitality of the water.

What has happened is the violent collisions that occurred as the water cascaded over the rocks has altered its basic molecular structure. This causes a number of very significant reactions but the most important is that the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water increases up to 8 times. The high oxygen content “wakes up the bacteria” that naturally reside in the water, so that if there are any organic solids present they will begin to consume them. Given the right conditions the bacteria become voracious — able to consume organics at an astounding rate.

The NOAH system seeks to emulate this natural process by using a Sonication (sonochemical) process to produce acoustically induced cavitation. In layman’s terms, we send sound waves through the water in such a specific frequency that it produces an abundance of nano-bubbles. These bubbles are highly volatile and cause a number of very beneficial reactions.

  • Organic compounds are rapidly oxidized. This makes them much easier to break down and dissolve.
  • Immediate rapid emulsification of immiscible liquids.
  • The oxygen content of the water rises from 0.5 parts per litre to 3.5 to 4.0 parts per litre.
  • The acoustically induced cavitation with the injection of oxygen causes heavy metal ions to unbind from the water molecules and sink to the bottom of the chamber.
  • Surface tension of the nano-bubbles causes an intensive, high-energy reaction.
  • The sonication process alone removes up to 75% of the minerals, including salt, in the water.

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