NOAH Project

Transportable Onsite Water Processing Units

Is the Water from the NOAH System safe for Drinking?

NOAH Drinking WaterThe answer is a qualified "yes".

It should be recognized that the primary objective of the NOAH system is not to produce drinking water from fracking water, mine tailings, sewage or industrial waste; at least not in one giant leap. Please see the page "How can the water from NOAH be used?" for more details on how an integrated water strategy should be formed.

It's not that we can't produce drinking water, it just makes sense that the water used for drinking or domestic use should come from the best sources possible. That being said, the NOAH system is a perfect compliment to municipal or well water systems. The basic NOAH system uses no chemicals, chlorine or other additives in the filtration process. When the basic NOAH system finishes the filtration process, the water is left enriched with oxygen, producing tastier water and water with health benefits.

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