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Water Cleaning Naturally

Clean water is undoubtedly the greatest need for human survival; yet for most of the world it is a scarce commodity. Human development and industrialization take large volumes of usable water and render it unusable.

The NOAH Project seeks to alleviate those problems by using our 40 years of experience in water treatment. Our goal is to revitalize the planet by addressing the most serious water related issues we face through the process of cleaning the world’s worst water and making it useful. We aim to provide "healthy water" for people, animals, and plants. We will accomplish this using low energy, environmentally friendly technology.

The exciting element of our systems is that we can provide this service at a fraction of the cost compared to current water treatment systems. We do this using low energy, chemical free processes that mimic the natural cleaning processes of mountain rivers.

The NOAH Project’s mandate is to clean the worst water on the planet, making it useful once again and by providing healthy water for people, animals, and plants using low energy, environmentally friendly


Traditional cleaning methods attempt to process water by using brute force to push it through smaller and smaller filters and/or use high-energy solutions such as evaporation or reverse osmosis. The water is then typically treated with chlorine or other chemicals. The result: dead, chemically treated water.

The NOAH system instead infuses the water with high levels of oxygen that leave the water vital and alive. Untreated with chemicals, NOAH water is proven to have outstanding health outcomes for plants and animals, producing faster growth with reduced levels of fertilizers and antibiotics.

Our systems are designed to clean waste water including:
  • Fracking water from shale gas mining
  • Oil sands water 
  • Mine tailings
  • Sewage treatment 
  • Municipal waste water 
  • Water affected during disaster recovery

Our research into livestock and agriculture has shown our "healthy water" provides many benefits including:

  • Healthier animals that require less antibiotics
  • Preventing hoof disease no longer requires copper sulphate
  • The mortality rates on Chicken farms are cut in half
  • Chickens lay more and larger eggs
  • Chickens reach a marketable size two week faster than conventional systems
  • Vegetables grow faster, larger, and require less fertilizer
  • Manure lagoons can be transformed to blue water

Our research has shown that we can render sewage water, seawater, and even the worst industrial polluted water, into pure, potable water. Our goal is to be able to provide safe, sustainable drinking water wherever it is needed.

All this can be done with our low energy, low cost, environmentally friendly systems.


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